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Norton is the most well-known market player for providing the best antivirus solutions to users. offers the most trustworthy and phenomenal antivirus solution which aims to secure your device from any kind of threat. 

Setting Up Norton with the Product Key:

Norton Product Key -

The best part about purchasing an antivirus with Norton is that the moment it gets purchased via, a Norton product key is emailed on your registered email id within a few minutes of the purchase. 

As a consumer, you may also wish to purchase the Norton antivirus from a retail shop, in this scenario the product key is given on the sealed pack of the Norton software. The product key assists you to activate the Norton antivirus software. Prior to this step, you need to install the Norton com setup from the official website. Which is 

Once the Norton antivirus software is installed you can double-click on the icon placed on your desktop. Now select the activate option, once you do so enter the Norton product key to activate the subscription from the registered email id.

You can safeguard yourself from data threats and block cyberattacks by adopting Norton antivirus solutions for your device. 

How To Activate Antivirus?

In order to activate Norton Setup, the following steps are essential.

Norton Activation - Norton Product Key -

  • Please open
  • Click on the option activate now from the main menu.
  • Now click on Next, now you can enter the given product key given by your service provider. 
  • Click on the activate option. 
  • The activation window should be closed once the process is complete. 
  • The finish button completes the activation process.  
  • Norton application can be closed and reboot your system.
  • Please restart your computer to ensure that the Norton setup is installed properly on your computer.
  • Click on the Norton security notifications. 
  • Now select the activation button
  • Please enter your registered email id and click on next to complete the process. 

Norton Antivirus allows you to download a simple setup from  Cyber threats and malware can be protected by the Norton antivirus once it is configured it blocks the antiviruses that attack and damage your PC. It may also interest you to note that Norton comes with an annual subscription; you can also purchase a longer subscription from The performance of the computer is enhanced and a security solution is provided. 

Best Way to install on your computer and Mac? 

It is extremely important to have a subscription for Norton antivirus to download the Norton setup. In case you don’t have a prior subscription you can get the same from either the official website or the retail outlet.

Please follow the below steps to install Norton Antivirus on both your computer and Mac: 

  • Please visit the and please select the desired Norton antivirus from there. 
  • Please choose the Norton antivirus which meets your complete requirement. 
  • Select the package for the software and add the same to the cart. 
  • Please process the payment once the Norton setup has been purchased. 
  • Norton account creation is a very critical part. 
  • Click on the desired Norton product, once you click you can download the desired Norton com setup on your system. 
Steps to Install on PC: 
  • Please click on the folder where you have downloaded the 
  • Please double click on the setup file available on your screen. 
  • Click on the yes or continue option as applicable. 
  • Your Norton setup will be installed in a while. 
  •  The installation process can be completed by pressing the finish button. 
Steps to Install on Mac: 
  • Please use the search bar on your Mac device to trace the downloaded file.
  • Please double click the downloaded file, now select the next option. 
  • Careful study the terms and conditions, you need to press the agree button 
  •  Now move ahead by clicking the continue option. 
  •  Install the software then ensure the process has been completed by pressing the finish option 

Reinstallation of with the latest version: 

Norton re-installation -

If you plan to reinstall the Norton antivirus with the latest version, on your device. By carrying out the uninstallation process of the Norton antivirus. This is one of the strategies to replace it with the latest version. 

The second way to reinstall Norton antivirus via is to open the installed application. Please click on the update button that will help you to replace the existing version of the Norton setup of antivirus with the newest version of Norton antivirus. 

The new version of the Norton antivirus will not be the same as the old one hence you need to be careful installing the new Norton setup. Be rest assured each new version of the Norton antivirus will have enhanced and better features from the previous one. Before installation please ensure that the Norton com Setup for antivirus is compatible with your device. 

You should be able to ensure that your Norton antivirus is installed after the installation process has been completed  please visit the 

Installation of Norton Setup using product key: 

As a consumer, you need to understand that the installation of Norton antivirus on your pc and other devices is a simple task to perform. Please cross-check whether or not an antivirus is installed on your device. Since firewalls and other antivirus solutions will interrupt the installation of Norton antivirus. Please ensure you delete the previous antivirus to install Norton antivirus. 

Customers can visit, on the sign-in page credentials for the Norton account that can be used to sign in. Norton product key assists you to activate the software post-installation.

You can activate the product key in the Norton activate option. 

There are three ways to install the product into your PC. 

Norton via Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome: 

  • You can type “ on the search bar available in the web browser. 
  • You can fill the Norton product key in your Norton account. 
  • Now click on the download button after filling in the Norton setup key. 
  • An on-screen menu assists you to save the changes to take further action  Click on the .exe file to continue with the setup of Norton to run the application and install. 
  • Without clicking the Norton setup/activate key the activation process will not begin. 

Essential  system requirements for Installation of 

Norton Antivirus system is a reliable and trustworthy antivirus software for Mac, Windows, Linux, or any other kind of operating system that requires protection against cyber threats. Norton antivirus has received appreciation over the years for detection, prevention, and removing viruses and malware from your systems. 

  • The processor required for windows is 10/8/7:1Ghz
  • RAM is 10:3GB for windows since the Norton recovery tool requires a minimum of 512MB RAM. 
  • 300 MB for hard disk space is required and proper installation is important in case it is not installed properly complete protection will not be provided. For further details please visit

Consumers need to update the malware software on a regular basis so that complete protection can be provided. 

How to Enter Product Key?

  • You need to open the to access the Norton product key. 
  • Open the Norton application 
  • Choose the activate option from the Norton Product main window. 
  •  Norton product key under account information needs to be clicked. 
  • Enter the product key that has been emailed to you on the registered mail id or the one that you received from the retail store. product key can be activated in the following way: 

  • Please open Norton setup
  • Please click on the option activate now from the main menu.
  • Please click on Next, now you can enter the given product key given by your service provider. 
  • Now click on the activate option. The Norton setup activation option is a must.  
  • Now you can shut do the activation window once the process is complete. 
  • Click the Finish button. 
  • Now close the Norton application.
  • Please restart your computer to ensure that the Norton setup is installed properly on your computer.
  • Click on the Norton security notifications. 
  • Now select the activation button
  • Please enter your registered email id and click on next to complete the process. 

Advantages of Installing 

Advantages of Installing of

It is recommended by Norton, you can download Norton Antivirus from the official website 

  • The Norton antivirus detects malware and viruses at a 100% detection rate. 
  • Antiviruses with a low detection rate can be harmful to your device. 
  • You can be sure that the malware has already been detected once the Norton setup is installed. 
  • Norton Setup for antivirus has the ability to scan all kinds of apps. This step ensures Norton protects your device from any kind of viruses. 
  • Norton mobile security provides anti-theft protection. You can also get your smartphone remotely cleaned using another device. This also protects your device from hanging. 

How to Find Norton Product Key?

  • Please open the official website
  • If you already have a Norton account, please login with your existing credentials. 
  • In case you are new to Norton, you can create an id and then sign in. 
  • After sign a get started window opens please click download, Norton. 
  • Then agree to the terms and conditions listed now click on download. 
  • If you have Microsoft edge and internet explorer after downloading Norton click on run 
  • For Firefox and Safari click on the download button to download the related files. 
  • If you already have an account for Norton download the files in chrome and click on continue. 
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions until the Norton antivirus along with the Norton com setup is downloaded and ready for installation. 
  • Without the Norton setup activation key, the process of installation is incomplete. faqs

Ans. Once Norton has been installed in your system and you wish to upgrade the same. You can just click on the update option, once the new version updates on the system the old one is automatically removed.  Hence you are not required to uninstall Norton and reinstall the same again.

Ans. The following steps can be followed to activate Norton VPN

  • Please click the sign in option 
  • If the sign in page is already open, please enter your Norton login credentials. 
  • On the Norton page click on the option secure VPN click download.
  • Please open the downloaded app
  • Open the secure VPN option
  • Enter the Norton account credentials.

Ans. The user needs to restart the Norton VPN. Now in the top right hand side corner please click the user icon. Now click on the sign out option, now click on settings option click on quit secure VPN account. Restart your device. Now restart the Norton application and login with Norton account.

Ans. Norton CD can be purchased and installed on your system from any store. It usually comes with a one-year subscription. You can also purchase a Norton software with a longer subscription. Norton also facilitates annual renewal of the software you need to renew it 2 days before it expires.

Ans. As a user of Norton product activation code has to be purchased online through the official website of Norton, In the Norton utilities main window please click on the option activate now. In the given window click on purchase to purchase the Norton product activation code.  Please follow the Norton product activation code on screen instructions to activate the purchased code.

Ans. A time gap of few minutes can be given for the Norton application to run smoothly. you can verify the details of the Norton subscription from the license. You can track the progress on the Norton application on the window. Also the details related to the license are given on the pack of Norton software.

Ans. As an iPhone user you can install the mobile security app to install the Norton antivirus on your iPhone. Please accept the terms and conditions of Norton License agreement to use the antivirus protection on your phone.