How To Get Rid Of Virus With Norton Antivirus

Is my computer safe? Almost every user is in worry if his system is virus-free or not. You must understand the symptoms of viruses on your computer and then you must act accordingly. These symptoms include slow operation, various pop-ups, etc., etc. You must have knowledge of these strange actions observed by your system so that you can take genuine steps for it. To help you out with this dangerous virus, Norton antivirus has the answer to all the virus problems. Some of these problems are discussed by us along with its solutions.

Some Commonly Encountered Virus Symptom

There is a large variety of viruses that a user encounters within his usage period. All these viruses have the same or the other effect on the computer operating system. Some common kind of virus symptom is given by us. These are:

  • Computer performance is slowed down: Your computer will take a longer time than usual to perform some particular action. This is the direction by your system to go in the trouble of virus threat. The data will take more time to be stored.
  • Several pop-up windows: While doing some specific tasks too many pop-up windows will appear. This may be an alert window from the virus and will assist you in another website. This may also ask you for installing some default programs. This program can steal your secret information without your permission.
  • Not proper access to the system: You might be logged out from your system and you would not be able to get access to it anymore.
  • Unknown shortcuts added to the homepage: The home page will automatically switch to some other website. You can’t even make any change to restore it. Various shortcuts and errors will be added to the screen.
  • Unknown programs run will start the PC: You will find some unknown and unexpected programs running while you start the system. Various icons and toolbars will be added without your knowledge. To solve this issue, simply restart the computer.
  • Unknown emails sent from your email account: You might have received some unexpected mail from your friend. There might be some mail-in email’s outbox which you have not sent or your social media account has some post that you have never posted. These things are done by the computer itself due to the action of the virus.
  • The security software program will be disabled: In your system, the antivirus or the security program might be turned off. If you didn’t do it, remember that malware has taken over the system.
  • Battery of the system drains within no time: Since the virus has the feature of multiplying, surely it would consume much space to utilize the system to perform many hidden, useless tasks. This will drain the battery of the system.
  • System crashes frequently: There might be some situation where the system screen would freeze and you would have no control over it. This condition is called a system crash and indication to virus threat.

How does this virus get into the computer?

The attack of a virus to a computer is similar to the attack that is made by the flu on a human body. As the flu gets into the body and multiplies and disturbs the immunity, computer viruses also do the same. This virus gets into your system without your knowledge and various unwanted programs will be installed and normal activities of the system will be affected by these programs. These problems should be taken seriously as it may make you a victim of Cybercrime as well.

How to remove the virus?

You require to be a technical specialist to deal with this. This will keep your system protected and safe from any outside threat. This antivirus is a software program that will scan your hard disk and scan for the virus, and take action if found. These include some simple steps:

  • Run a full security scan to check for the presence of a virus.
  • Norton Power Eraser service is very useful in the condition when you find any virus threat easily clean by this Norton service.You can also contact Norton technical assistance and get help and follow instructions to get rid of the virus.
  • Do sure that the security system is up to date. Update the latest version of OS and antivirus when advised. This will help the system to know about any latest types of virus and then act accordingly.

When you clear some Virus then remember to reset the password of all your accounts that you have logged in with the device.

How does antivirus work?

The antivirus program runs on the system and scans for any kind of threat, like malware files. In the case of Norton Antivirus, it uses the technique of machine learning to determine the nature of a file and then act accordingly. ‘Emulation’ is used by the Norton protection to make the online threat revealed by themselves. This is a very fast process. It works through cloud computing. Using this antivirus you will love to use your system without any virus threat.

Virus and malware

There are a lot of many threats other than viruses and malware that can hamper the computer system. These threats are namely, Viruses, Worms, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Adware, Trojan horse, Malvertising, Phishing, Pharming, Browser hijacker, Rootkit, Spam emails, Banking Trojans, Coin-miner, Downloader, Exploits, Keyloggers, Fileless threats, Foam Jacking attack, Man-in-the-middle browser attacks, PUAs, Script-based attacks, social networking Scam, Tech Support Scam, Unwanted browser extensions.

To remove these viruses from your system you can use the tool provided by These tools are Norton Power Eraser and Norton Security Software.


So that’s all I hope this article will help you out in solving any problem regarding viruses and how to be aware of this dangerous virus. All the steps were fully explained.

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